Some current priorities are as follows.
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This website provides materials for Natural History and Conservation Planning in the Ohio Valley. Cooperation is sought: please check for typos, ranking problems, better images, and other issues; send comments to me at 

The ultimate goals here are as follows. 
(1) To advance a new synthesis of Natural History for east-central states (starting with more cohesive regional descriptions).
(2) To develop more functionality in Natural Heritage programs (including ecological models).
(3) To provide a general commentary on Nature Conservation (assessing successes versus failures).
Files are sorted into the pages listed below.

 Julian Campbell
Notes on Species: files for download

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Arundinaria: the growth of cane
Bignonia et al.: Evergreen Vines in Deciduous Woods
Camassia scilloides: Beargrass in the Bluegrass
Euonymus fortunei et al.: Evergreen Vines...
Fraxinus: Miller's (1955) Ashes of North America*
Fraxinus: sect. Melioides paper*
    [*Campbell 2017; Phytoneuron]
Fraxinus: sect. Melioides notes for east-central N. America
Fraxinus: sect. Melioides images for east-central N. America
Fraxinus: general ash notes (provisional)

Fraxinus: ash poster (provisional)
Fraxinus: ash presentation (Botany 2017)
Gaura biennis: the Biennial Bee-Blossom FOR SALE
Hedera helix et al.: Evergreen Vines...
Morus: Muddled Mulberries

Onosmodium: Prairie Gromwell in Kentucky
Prunus munsoniana: "Plum Potential in the Bluegrass"
Rudbeckia: Towards a Revision of the Fulgida Group*
    [*Campbell & Seymour 2013; Phytoneuron]
Rudbeckia "augusta" ined. or close (images)
Rudbeckia chapmannii or close (images)
Rudbeckia deamii (images)
Rudbeckia fulgida var. fulgida (images)
Rudbeckia fulgida var. spathulata (images)
Rudbeckia missouriensis (images)
Rudbeckia palustris sensu stricto (images)
Rudbeckia speciosa sensu stricto (images)
Rudbeckia "speciosa" auctores B or close (images)
Rudbeckia "speciosa" auctores C (images)
Rudbeckia sullivantii (images)
Rudbeckia tenax or close (images)
Rudbeckia terranigrae or close (images)
Rudbeckia truncata or close (images)
Rudbeckia umbrosa (images)
Silphium wasiotense in Clay County*
    [*Campbell & Medley 1990; Trans. Ky. Acad. Sci.]
Symphyotrichum patens complex*
    [*Campbell & Seymour 2014; Phytoneuron]
Symphyotrichum patens complex: Appendix
Trifolium: Running Buffalo Clover associates (provisional)
Trifolium kentuckiense: description* 
    [*Chapel & Vincent 2013; Phytoneuron]
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