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Page: Bluegrass and Knobs+(files for download)


REGIONAL OVERVIEW: whole Central Ohio Valley​
The Land of Cane and Clover (initial report from 1985)
Campbell (1989): historic evidence of forest composition*
    [Proc. 7th Central Hardwood Forest Conf. p. 231-246]
Historical Notes on Native Vegetation (extensive quotes)
Conservation in the Central Ohio Valley (general notes)
Conservation in the Central Ohio Valley (initial concept)

REGIONAL OVERVIEW: central Bluegrass region
Short's (1828-29) Prodromus Florula Lexingtoniensis
   [extracted quotations for all species]

Davidson (1950 thesis): “Original Vegetation of Lexington...”

Central Bluegrass Plants (summary for educational use)
Central Bluegrass Species List (Excel file with details)
Botanical Aspects of Conservation Planning (+poster)
Outline of Conservation Targets for Central Bluegrass
Concept for Museum of Land: Wood, Soil and Rock

Summary Statement: "NOT a Savanna..."
Campbell et al. (1978): regression sapling abundance*
    [Proc. 2nd Central Hardwood Forest Conf. p. 258-269]
Campbell (2005): comparative ecology C3 vs C4 grasses*
    [Proc. 4th Native Grass Symp. p. 96-115]
McEwan & McCarthy (2008): dendrochronology-based*
Rebuilding the Concept of Bluegrass Woodland
Historical Notes Arranged by Woodland Type
Herbivore Hypothesis  (and powerpoint)
Bluegrass Woodland and its Eutrophic Nature